Freelance Writing Forecast: Ride These Epic Trends in 2017

Freelance writer Carol Tice predicts there will be epic change to the freelance writing industry in 2017.  Companies are moving away from the short 300-word blog posts and looking to be seen as the experts in their fields who aren’t afraid to position themselves with much longer, 1000-word plus posts.

Companies are growing and so too is the need for higher-quality, detailed content that attracts readers (aka potential customers) – and they’re willing to pay for writers that can deliver.

Social media sharing is still a huge trend and growing and alongside it are the online magazines.  We’ll continue to see an increase in online magazine content and with it, social sharing.

Want to know more and where to focus your efforts in 2017?   Although geared toward freelance writers, this freelance writing forecast is also a must-read for company marketing and promotions departments.  Read more at…

Source: Freelance Writing Forecast: Ride These Epic Trends in 2017