Writer, copyeditor, and blog designer.  Here you can view a few samples of my work:

  • blog content
  • tutorials
  • student-athlete profile blogs
  • business promotional material
  • banner ads

The content writing and blog design projects I’ve worked on typically call for banner ads and other graphics work as well. While I don’t consider myself a full-fledged graphic artist, allow me to show you some of what I do…



How To Use Hashtags To Connect With Customers

Five Things to Consider When Setting Up a Business Blog


Fundraising in this shifting economy

22 Classes Everyone Should Attend

Auctions_What Worked What Didn’t_A 3 Year Comparision



EntriWays is a blog site I currently own and operate.  This home decor blog features DIY, tutorials, and business & strategy articles.  Here you will see samples of my written content, banner ad designs, and branding.

LOGO 3 Header 897x132



HERE you will see a sample of the Athlete Profile Blogs I put together for college-bound students to help them get recognized by college coaches.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.32.43 PM



PTO Ideas is a site I owned for 7 years (but sold in 2013), designed, and for which I have written 99.9% of the content.  This site is a prime example of the success of content marketing.  These industry-related, informational, key-word rich tutorial articles have driven PTO Ideas to the top of search engine results for PTO fundraising and event planning – the exact market it strives to reach.

BUSINESS NAMES & TAG LINES:  SimplyPut Organizers

SimplyPut Organizers is a company name and tag line I designed for a new start-up home organization business.  This advertisement describes the services and presents this company just as the owners had intended – a group of Moms who mirror the clientele they’d like to attract.


PROGRAM BOOKS:  Youth Hockey

The local youth hockey organization asked me to design and layout their 70-page program book that included, a cover design, rosters, team ads, and over 50 advertisements.  The following ad is just a sample of the ads that I designed.  In this particular ad, you can see that I altered the image, cleared away the background completely, and highlighted just the image of the player.

EVENT PROMOTIONS:  Council of Social Concern

This local nonprofit chose a baseball theme for their annual auction.  I designed their program book cover, tickets, raffle tickets, and newspaper ads to resemble a baseball ticket.  Here’s a sampling…



NON-PROFIT PROMOTIONS:  Saint Charles School

Here’s a sample of the many promotional items (survey, registration form, banner ad, newspaper ads, press releases) I wrote and designed for this school conference fundraiser, including the tag line that encompasses their overall theme.

Sample Press Release:  BeerWineHobby